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about us

Finninvent as a company is a fresh spin-off but the founder of Finninvent has decades of experience with blue ocean innovations and commercialization of such.

We have passion for comprehensive but simplified solutions for various challenges. Simplified solutions are obtained by creating multifunctional solutions; multifunctional means the same as one part or a material brings more than a one functional feature. A good example of multifunctional design from Finninvent is the carrying frame for firewood allowing Swedish torch without a block of a log. Finninvent utilizes optimal solutions founded both on materials and mechanical design.

The main product lines at the moment are associated to avoiding infections (Covid, influenza and Hospital acquired infections) and energy  loss analysis and condition inspections of buildings. 

We do not have own production as we preferentially rely on sub-contractors having at least decades of experience and expertise within their core business. We believe in partnering and strategic alliances allowing supply of turn the key solutions to customers. Therefore we welcome new partner contacts for new markets as well as for improved products and services.

finninvent | schwedische Fackel ohne Holzscheit
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