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RAPID U Instruments and Tools

RAPID U-Transportkoffer / Ausstattung

RAPIDU Instrument case

  • Weather and dust proof

  • Tolling bar and wheels for easy transportation

  • 10 Rapid U-value meters

  • Simultaneous recharging of these with single plug in

  • Plenty of space for additional instruments and tools ( thermal imaging camera, T-loggers, (4),construction detector, wind speed meter, adapters for rough surfaces (9), solar meter, moisture meter, convection preventing sheets etc).

RAPIDU Supporting tools and services:

  • Adapter allowing measurements on uneven or rough surfaces

  • Monopod mounting system

  • Monopod transportation bag

  • T-loggers

  • User training (3 days)

RAPIDU Instrument specifications

  • Dimensions: 100 x 100 x 45 mm (+50 mm)

  • Weight: 150 g

  • Measurement time: typically between 20 and 60 min

  • Minimum heat flux: 1 W/m2

  • Maximum heat flux: 80 W/m2

  • Precision: standard deviation less than 3 %

  • Simultaneous measurements with 10 or 20 devices recommended as such will reduce operational costs

D.O.F. Tech RAPIDU tools:

  • Pre-information form to customers

  • Data collection. Calculation and reporting system

  • Rapid U data visualization

  • Weather program and thermal simulation

  • Temperature logger data management

DOF Tech Screenshots

Additional information on RAPID U technology and services

RAPID U Technology

Rapid U Training

Measurement Services

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