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Measurement Services

We conduct Rapid U measurements to limited number of customers. Respective measurements are conducted according to the following principles:

  • Correctness of the Rapid U measurements is validated by utilizing real weather data based simulations for stationary heat fluxes and documented façade temperatures for different compass directions. Prior to measurements we use weather forecasts and after measurements measured local temperatures both for indoor and outdoor preferentially for the specific building measured.

  • Measurement positions are selected according to thermal imaging and scanning with a construction detector; these secure correctness of the measured values as well as evaluation of areas for the respective measurements.

  • We use always calibrated instruments and persons which have passed the required training and associated exam.

  • Typical number of measurements for a single family house is counted in tenths of single values. For a bigger real estate the number of measurements is scaled up but essentially dependent on the IR mapping. Also dense mapping for moisture is possible.

  • Complementary instruments are utilized when ever relevant and possible. We prefer to use traditional measurements and which allow evaluation of the reasons for unexpected findings and which are founded on different principle than of Rapid U. This approach gives high confidence on conclusions– double or triple check!

RAPID U Teleskopstange mit U-Wert-Messgerät

RAPID U is the only non-destructive
but high precision tool for:


  • Determination of real U-values for planning of retrofits
    and energy performance certificates


  • Quality control for renovations and new buildings

  • Diagnosis of extend of wetted and level of wetness in constructions

  • Energy diagnosis i.e. to define heat losses regarding various
    positions of the building envelope, respective areas of such and
    the location specific amount of heating energy lost annually


  • Diagnosis of the reasons for poor thermal comfort

Additional information on RAPID U technology and services

RAPID U Technology

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RAPID U Training

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