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RAPID U: Die schnelle U-Wert-Messung

The only method for quick U-value measurements!


U-values can be measured on site using various technologies. The usual measurement time can last up to few weeks. With the innovative technology of RAPID U and the associated instruments, up to 50 individual U-values can be determined in one day.

The complete set (consisting of a total of 20  various measuring instruments and tools) is packed in a practical rollable and shock-resistant hard-shell case. This means that the unique RAPID U technology can easily be used for on-site measurements .

RAPID U: U-Wert-Messgerät

What is the U-value?

The U-value defines the thermal insulation performance of various building elements. The lower the U-value, the better the insulation performance. U-values are traditionally defined by calculations. This requires precise information about the building materials, their moisture content and existing  constructions. This information is based on estimates and therefore typically no openings are made in the building structures. This results in risks when planning retrofits or renovations, when accepting building constructions with regard to quality and when making investment decisions if the data is based on calculated U-values.

Applications of Rapid U Technology

  • Quality control of new and retrofitted buildings
  • True data for planning of thermal retrofitting

  • True data for Energy Performance Certificates

  • Determination of moisture content in building elements

  • Early detection of roof leakage

  • Analysis and supervision of ongoing drying of wetted building elements

  • Data for dimensioning of new heating systems (e.g. ground heat pumps)

  • Data for improving poor thermal indoor comfort

  • Data for financial optimization of energy associated investments for building sector

  • Analysis of construction materials in historic buildings

RAPID U: U-Wert Anwendungsbereiche

RAPID U Final Project Report
on field measurements (AP 4)


Precision and correctness of calculated U-values has been discussed and speculated until now. Our results from the Rapid U project finally reveal the reality. In the Fig right the correlation between measured and calculated U-values are visualized. This set of data consists of around 1000 single points. 

According to this Fig the correlation is non-existing and therefore we recommend always to define U-values by measurements. Real values is the only alternative for risk mitigation regarding planning, quality control and financial investments.

U-Wert-Correlation | RAPID U

Further information and services about RAPID U

RAPID U Instruments

RAPID U Training

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