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CLEANKILL - Der praktische Hygieneschutz vor Corona
Practical solution for hand hygiene

How the Clean Kill composition works against microbes

The CLEANKILL hygiene tub releases small amounts of antiviral compounds* when in contact with normal skin moisture; a mixture of extremely strong soap and ions. The envelope of the viruses is destroyed by the soap. The released ions provide long-lasting protection on the skin against harmful microbes. While conventional disinfectants quickly evaporate and cause skin irritation, CLEANKILL provides safe, long-lasting protection without attacking the skin - without any sticky or slippery skin sensation.

Even easier than washing your hands!

* Scientific tests have shown that the Clean Kill composition destroys >99% of SARS-CoV viruses.

 Clean Kill Product family

CLEANKILL Hygienestick | Mobiler Schutz vor Corona

Clean Kill Hygiene Tube

CLEANKILL Patch | Die Hygienelösung für Tasten und Lichtschalter

Clean Kill Patch

CLEANKILL Tube cover | Die Hygienelösung für Türgriffe

Clean Kill Tube Cover

CLEANKILL Grip | Das Hygienband für vielseitige Anwendungen

Clean Kill Grip

CLEANKILL Sheet | Die Hygienelösung für Tischoberflächen

Clean Kill Sheet

Commonly touched surfaces are efficiently spreading harmful microbes. This statement is founded on two different facts: long lifetime of microbes and accumulation of microbes on surfaces. Lifetime of microbes on various surfaces is typically counted in days. Microbes tend to land on such surfaces upon release e.g. as aerosols and droplets. However, upon landing on surfaces the concentration is increased with several millions times. Upon touching such surfaces there’s an inherent risk that microbes located earlier on the surface will be transferred to mouth, nose or eye by hands and especially fingers.

Infection risk described earlier can be mitigated by applying such materials and chemicals, which either destroy or surround harmful microbes. The solution can as simple as soap; it has multiple features, which can supply protection against microbes. Regarding Covid, soap attacks the lipid envelope and which leads to destruction of the virus. Regarding non-enveloped viruses and bacteria soap reduces the infection risk via another mechanism: upon being covered by soap molecules, these harmful microbes are easily washed away e.g. from hands.

Clean Kill hygiene products contain two different active agents against harmful microbes: soap and metal ions. The incorporated metal ion has been shown to act efficiently against bacteria and viruses. Release rate of these is steady and long lasting due to wearing of the composition and relative high materials thickness. Naturally, the incorporated active agents are fully harmless for people and animals.

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